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Can you name the words ending in ope?

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Forecast of a person's future aligned with the zodiac sign
Manage, survive, subsist
One of the world's continents
Horned Old World mammal
Cape of Good ______, South Africa
A device used to gazed at the stars
Mythical North American jackrabbit with horns
Brood, sulk, be miserable
Variant of a chemical element which differ in neutron number
Flat paper container with a sealable flap
Informal for very good or cool
Slant, incline, tilt
Oscar winning Spanish actress, ___________ Cruz
Cord, cable, line
Extent, range
Temporary loss of consciousness by a fall in blood pressure
Informal for no
Feel or fondle (someone) for sexual pleasure
Device used to look at the invisible to the naked eye
The highest rank within the Catholic Church
Device used in submarines to see things out of sight
Anamorphic lens for shooting films between 1953-1967
Spanish Golden Century of Baroque novelist/poet _____ de Vega
Medical device to listen to someone's heart
Parks and Recreation character played by Amy Poehler, Leslie...
American film production run by the Coppolas; American...

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