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Can you name the words ending in Ood?

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Tree byproduct used for construction or heating
What runs through one's veins
Mountain near Portland, Oregon or Red Riding....
Past and participle of stand
A temporary state of mind or feeling
The _____, the Bad, and the Ugly
What is edible to humans or any living being
Offspring, young, progeny
The Handmaid's Tale Canadian author, Margaret....
Inundation, deluge
British-American rock band, _________ Mac
American country music artist, Trisha...
Forest made famous by Robin Hood
The Collins' mansion in Dark Shadows
The area around one's home
American country music artist, Carrie...
Star Trek (2009 & 2013) Canadian actor, Brian...
California's famous _________ National and State Parks
Strong thin wooden board consisting of two or more layers
Timber tree of Africa, Australia, Malaysia, and India
Chic Young's character in the comic strip Blondie;... Bumstead
Boy Scouts of American famous Derby
Dolly Parton's owned theme park in Tennessee

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