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Japanese multinational owner of Columbia Pictures
German state with Dresden as its capital city
A harsh, discordant mixture of sounds
______ and Ivory
Court-ordered financial support given to a former spouse
Veranda, terrace
A crime regarded as more serious
A drawing depicting a humorous situation
One of the Seven Deadly Sins
Accord, peace, amity
Pain, hurt, suffering
Sarcasm, cynicism
______ Snicket
Settlement, dependency, protectorate
Leadership, dominance, dominion
A crazy person
Gathering to celebrate a special occasion
The marriage of husband and wife
Tedium, boredom, routineness
Made of or cotton like
Miserliness, meanness, penny-pinching
A small horse
An elaborate musical composition for full orchestra
Evidence, witness, affidavit
American actor, ____ Curtis
Heritage, inheritance, birthright
Simultaneous action, development, or occurrance
Of or like bone
Bogus, false, fake
American manufacturer of atheletic shoes
Dreamy and unaware of one's surroundings
A close friend or companion
Chemical element with symbol Sb (metalloid)
Mr. Hopkins, Perkins, LaPaglia, Mackie, and Bourdain

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