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U.S. state with Phoenix as its capital city
Popular Mexican brand of beer or city in Riverside County, CA
_________ non grata
Da Vinci's _____ Lisa
City in the Coconino and Yavapai counties, U.S.A.
Argentina' most famous soccer player of all times
City in the province of Seville, Andalusia, Spain
Narcos Colombian actor, Manolo...
Underword: Rise of the Lycans British actress, _____ Mitra
The currency of Sweden and Iceland
Seaport in the Marche region, Italy
Spain's second largest city
Mediterranean city in Catalonia, Spain
Novel written by Helen Hunt Jackson adapted to film several times
City and province in Lombardy, Italy
American actress, _____ Ryder or city in Minnesota
Breathing Love hit single British singer, _____ Lewis
Guatemalan singer/songwriter, Ricardo...
Italian city in Veneto where Romeo and Juliet met their fate
City in Spain famous for the Running of the Bulls
City on the French border of Catalonia, Spain
Seaport in Catalonia, Spain
City in Los Angeles County, California
City in Florida famous for its international speedway; ______ Beach
Target's brand of clothing and house-goods
The Knack 1979 hit single, My...
Shakespeare's Othello's wife
American singer, _____ Apple or Shrek's love interest

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