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Can you name the words ending in ode?

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Each and every installment of a TV show
Morse _____ or Genetic ______
Depeche ______
The Good Wife British actor, Matthew ______
A lyric poem in the form of an address to a particular subject
junction, intersection, fork
Gradually destroy or be gradually destroyed
The state of ______ Island
Decipher, decrypt
Convert into a coded form
A negatively charged conductor
Destroy or damage (metal, stone, or other materials) slowly by chemical action
Detonate, burst, erupt
Collapse or cause to collapse violently inward
Group of thick and thin lines placed on a product for pricing
An original installment derived from a TV series, made for online viewing
Conductor through which electricity enters or leaves an object, substance, or region
A vein of metal ore in the earth

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