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Can you name the words ending in nny?

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American sitcom starred by Fran Drescher; The...
Mr. DeVito, Trejo, Aiello, Boyle, Elfman, Glover, or Ocean
Strange or mysterious, especially in an unsettling way
Mrs. Slate, Craig, or McCarthy
Die Hard 2 Finnish director, ______ Harlin
Alternative spelling for Bennie
The Easter ______ or a Playboy _______
American full-service pancake house restaurant chain, _____'s
A person buttocks, or French actress, ______ Ardant
American Mormon singer and entertainer, ______ Osmond
Mr. Rogers, Chesney, Loggins, Baker, or Omega
Harry Potter's love interest, _______ Weasley
Mr. Cash, Depp, Bravo, Rockets, Carson, English, or Knoxville
Singer, songwriter, and actor, ______ Kravitz
Amusing, comical
Filipino professional boxer, _______ Pacquiao
______ Dreadful, Alfred ______worth, or Eve Money______
American singer and politician, ______ Bono
Marisa Tomei's film, My Cousin ______
Bright with sunlight
Cruel and oppressive government or rule
Having an unpleasant metallic sound or taste
Thin, or _______ dipping
Colloquial for grandma
Not amusing or comical at all
Slang for transvestite

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