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American actress married to Antonio Banderas, ______ Griffith
Popular musical film about an orphan girl
A knitted cap
Mrs. Francis, Mrs. Nielsen, or Mrs. Sellecca
New Kids on the Block turned actor, ______ Wahlbeg
The Federal National Mortgage Association; _____ Mae
The one who makes Aladdin's wishes come true
Very popular whiskey brand; ______ Walker
Alternative spelling for Lenny
Mickey's love interest or British actress _____ Driver
British-Canadian actor, Callum Keith...
Nickname used for those named Ronald
Snatch British actor, _____ Jones
_____ the Pooh
A chocolate baked dessert popular in the U.S. and Canada
One's behind, butt, or rear end
Derogatory term for a person who lives in a rural town
A mean person
Die Hard American actress, ______ Bedelia
Hitchcock's 1964 film starred by Tippi Hedren and Sean Connery
Mr. Sanders or Mac

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