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QUIZ: Can you name the words ending in Net?

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Mrs. Leigh, Jackson, McTeer, Napolitano, or Reno
Famous French impressionist painter, Claude...
Masked crime-fighter, The Green...
Pride and Prejudice's protagonist character, Elizabeth...
A baby's wicker cradle, usually with a hood
19th century french painter, Edouard...
A woman's or child's hat tied under the chin
A poem of fourteen lines
The evil organization in the Terminator franchise
A swordlike stabbing blade fixed to the muzzle of a rifle
Mongolia's third largest city
Radio and TV police drama starred by Jack Webb
Device used to cover one's head while restaurant cooking
A system for connecting a number of computer systems
Cupboard, bookcase, council, ministry
Small marine fish resembling a dragon
An open-meshed fabric twisted, knotted, or woven together
Woodwind instrument with a single-reed mouthpiece
Private network accessible only to an organization's staff
_________ Sauvignon or Blanc
Colorado girl killed on Christmas 1996, _________ Ramsey

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