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A Brazilian dance of African origin
A cuban dance with Spanish and African elements
Bolivia's fourth largest city
Percussion instrument consisting of a set of wooden bars
One of Swaziland's capital cities
Venomous snakes, green and black...
Bart's Spanish expression of surprise and dismay, Ay...
Religion practiced in Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay, and Uruguay
American chain of restaurants specialized in fruit-juices, __ Juice
Port city and Zanzibar Archipelago island in Mozambique
Protagonist in Disney's Lion King
Indonesian island part of the Lesser Sunda Islands
Cuban music genre influenced by salsa and Afro-Cuban folk
Traditional dance of Argentina similar to Chile's cueca
Aerobic fitness program inspired by styles of Latin dance
Mexican folk song made famous by Ritchie Valens, La...
Puerto Rican and Ecuadorian musical styles (Spanish for bomb)
British music band known for hit single Tubthumping
Alternative spelling for goombah or gumbah
2002's The Time Machine Irish actress/singer Samantha...

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