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Can you name the words ending in Ly (no adverbs)?

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Make a formal application or request
Cunning, crafty, clever
Observe, obey, follow
Increase exponentially
Abnormality, irregularity
Insinuate, suggest
Depend on with full trust or confidence
Australian rock band, Air....
Layer, thickness, strand
Gathering, meeting, congregation
2002 film starred by Kevin Costner
Sister Sleage's hit single, We Are ______
One of the most hated flying insects
Parker Brothers board game famous for its thimble
The land of the Savior; _____ Land
Mrs. Collins, James, Rose Depp, Allen, Potter, Rabe, or Tomlin
The Platters hit single covered by many artists; ____ You
Fatal, lethal, mortal
1991 film starred by Jim Belushi and Alisan Porter; _____ Sue
Sadness, sorrow, melancholia
Unattractive, hideous, hard on the eyes
Bad-tempered and unfriendly
Hard, firm, or American rock band, ______ Dan
Strapping, well-built, sturdy, large, strong
Sparking, fizzy, effervescent
Gruesome, frightful, horrid
Gruesome, frightful, horrid
Divine, celestial
______ bear
Green Lantern American actress, Blake...
Alice Sebold novel and film adaptation; The ______ Bones
Isolated, alone, lonesome
Unsteady, unstable, shaky
Actors brother and sister Tim and Tyne...
Puccini's opera, Madame....
Luminous insect
Easy A American actress, ____ Michalka
Short for polyester or Polynesian
Rowdy, wild, unmanageable
Miss Blunt, Deschanel, Mortimer, or Dickinson
________ Hills, Los Angeles County
American actress, _______ Tyson
______ Rae Jepsen
SNL's actress/comedian, ______ Strong
The seventh month of the year
Nip/Tuck British actress, ______ Richardson
European country in the shape of a boot
Alternative spelling for Kimberley
Largest Mediterranean island

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