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Can you name the words ending in lly (no adverbs)?

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Foolish, stupid
Mr. Thornton, Boyd, Joel, Crystal, Currington, Crudup, or Idol
Total, score, count
Paris Dakar ______
The landing on the Hudson film starred by Tom Hanks
Mrs. Field, Hawkins, or Kirkland
Calista Flockhart's _____ McBeal
Foolishness, lack of wisdom
Stomach, tummy
Marmalade, jam
Actress _____ Hunter or playboy bunny _____ Madison
Exclamation used to express surprise or delight
Actress ______ Ringwald
Mr. Wonka
Cool, cold, crips
Stinky, foul-smelling
Mrs. Parton
Canadian singer, ______ Furtado
Delay, loiter, linger
Ben Stiller and Jennifer Aniston film, Along Came...
X-Files iconic character, FBI detective Dana...
______ mammoth
______ steak sandwich
Kojak American actor, _____ Savalas
Swiss high fashion house famous for its shoes
Oppressor, tyrant, tormentor
Making History American actor, Adam...
Where's ______ or The Flash's alter ego, ______ West
American brand of hard candy owned by Hershey; ___ Rancher
Mrs. Preston, Clarkson, Bishop, Lynch, Le Brock, or Macdonald
Famous road junction in London, ________ Circus
American company known for its maps, Rand....
American actresses sister Jennifer and Meg...
American animated film franchise about a forest fairy

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