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New York island, gateway to the U.S.
The Shield American actor, Michael...
A city-state in ancient Greece (literally, city in greek)
First published African-American female poet, ______ Wheatley
Disney's Inside Out's Sadness' voice actress, ______ Smith
Aurora __________ (Northern Lights)
City in Wisconsin, part of Milwaukee metro; West...
Mexican singers, Javier and Marco Antonio....
Die Hard American actor, Bruce....
French overseas department, _______ and Futuna
A soft lightweight clothing fabric made from silk and worsted
Sexually transmitted disease
Ancient citadel in Athens, Greece
The hard outer case of a butterfly or moth
Group of ten Roman Empire cities in the southeastern Levant
1927 German sci-fi film directed by Fritz Lang
A chain of roughly adjacent metro areas
2007 French-American-Iranian animated film
Large ancient cemetery with elaborate tomb monuments
Greek for Sun City, and districts in Cairo and Athens
Aurora _________ (Southern Lights)
2012 David Cronenberg's film starred by Robert Pattinson

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