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Can you name the words ending in Lie?

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Famous French film starred by Audrey Tautou
Maleficent American actress, Angelina...
Mr. Chaplin, Brown, Cox, Day, Hunnam, Puth, or Sheen
Love Me Like You Do British singer, ____ Goulding
Mrs. Holiday, Piper, or Michael Jackson hit single, _____ Jean
Goalkeeper or goaltender
Mrs. Andrews, Bowen, Delpy, Kavner, or Newmar
Australian pop music artist, _____ Minogue
Country music artist/actor, ______ Nelson
Not true, or rest flat on a surface
Lassie's breed of dog
A girl or young woman
A vehicle maneuver in which the front wheel/s come off the ground
One of the species of penguins
Furious 7 and Game of Thrones British actress, ______ Emmanuel
Lost Australian actress, ______ de Ravin
Mrs. Mann, Jones, Bibb, Caron, Mr. Nielsen, or Park and Rec's Miss Knope
1998 American family/adventure film about a talking parrot
Member of the Collins' Clan in the Twilight Saga; ______ Hale

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