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Can you name the words ending in Lay?

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Amuse or entertain oneself; amusement, entertainment
American Idol alumni, _____ Aiken
Procter & Gamble's American line of skin care products
Transfer, repeat, communicate
Pepsico's line of snacks and potato chips, Frito...
Peel the skin
Kill, murder, butcher
Repeat something, especially an event or series of events
Peninsula containing parts of Thailand, Malaysia, and Myanmar
Make someone or something late or slow
The script of a movie
Show, exhibit
Make something appear less important than it really is
Myanmar's second largest city
One of J.R. Reynolds Tobacco Company cigarette's brand
Sexual activity that precedes intercourse
Roughhousing, fooling around
Broadcasting time devoted to a record, artist, or musical genre
Ornament an object by embedding pieces of a different material in it
Interpose, insert
A script written or adapted for television
The witty exploration of the meanings or ambiguities of words
Place something under something else to support or raise it
City in Hancock County, Ohio

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