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Ontario, Michigan, Eire, Superior, Huron; The Great...
American actress an comedian, Wanda...
I like, you like, he....
Exclamation for expressing shock and alarm for humorous effect
Kellogg's brand of cereal, Corn....
Funny stories with a punchline
Lincoln's assassin, John ______ Booth
2007 Maroon 5 hit single, ______ Me Wonder
Winter's Bone, American actor, John...
The Empire _______ Back
Last Nite hit single American rock band, The...
Scenes filmed for a movie not included in the final version
Flapjacks, crepes
Black mamba, cottonmouth, cobra, anaconda, etc.
Promotional drawing in which prizes are given away at no charge
Angels food, devils food, chiffon, upside down, etc.
Errors, faults, inaccuracies
The _______ of Hazzard
Feathery ice crystals
Tremors, shocks

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