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Can you name the words ending in ius?

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Lithuania's capital city
Straight line or distance from the center to the edge of a curve
King Hamlet treacherous brother
Einstein, Stephen Hawking, and Lisa Simpson
Ophelia and Laertes' father in Hamlet
Brother of Brutus and Caesar's assassination conspirator
Roman historian famous for his Ecclesiastical History; ...of Caesarea
Ugly Betty American actor, Eric...
'The third founder of Rome'
Augustus birth name
Pope from 251-253 AD or scientist chimpanzee in Planet of the Apes
Italian volcano that destroyed Pompeii
Roman emperor or Star Trek's James _______ Kirk
Famous Roman general assassinated by Brutus and his conspirators
Augustus and Caligula first birth name
Eleventh astrological sing in the Zodiac
Night astrological sing of the Zodiac
Chinese teacher, politician, and philosopher
Hootie & the Blowfish lead singer turned country artist, _____ Rucker
Morgan Freeman in Batman or Jason Isaacs in Harry Potter
African island nation with Port Louis as its capital city
The brightest star in the night sky
Roman emperor and philosopher, Marcus...
Pivotal man in the trial and cruxifixction of Jesus; _____ Pilate
Toyota's compact hybrid electric car

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