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Can you name the words ending in Ito?

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Ecuador's capital city
Mexican wrap
The Godfather trilogy main character, Don ____ Corleone
Capital city of Ibaraki Prefecture, Japan
Having one's true identity concealed
Insect responsible for infecting humans with several vira
American potato/corn chips manufacturing company; _____-Lay
Mr. Mussolini or Mr. Juarez
Actors Giancarlo and Jennifer ________
Japanese emperor during WWII
Nickname of Roberto Gomez Bolanos famous for el Chavo and el Chapulin
Most famous Chilean comic book/comic strip about a human-like condor
Another term for snapjack fish or pretty in Spanish (masculine)
Famous Mexican Mariachi song, ______ Lindo
DeathProof/Grindhouse American actress, Vanessa....
Cuban cocktail containing white rum, sugar, mint, and lime juice
Brazilian state with Vitoria as its capital city, ______ Santo

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