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QUIZ: Can you name the words ending in Ith?

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Complete trust or confidence in someone or something
One of the most common English surnames
Stonehenge is an example of this
Summit or peak
Accompanied by (preposition)
A person who works with iron by hand
A stone implement used during the Neolithic Period
Star Wars: Revenge of the...
A large single upright block of stone
A person who works with gold by hand
Glee's late American actor, Corey...
Mr. Urban, Mr. Richards, Mr. Carradine, or Mr. David
Ghost, specter
A person who makes, sells, and repairs small firearms
A person who works with silver by hand
A person who makes and repairs locks
The Today Show American host, _______ Vieira
Mrs. Piaf or Mrs. Wharton
American actress, Melanie...
Book in the Bible; Old Testament

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