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Can you name the words ending in Ita?

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Tequila cocktail containing triple sec and lime or lemon
Japanese manufacturer of professional and consumer power tools
Loyal Japanese dog breed make famous by the film Hachi
Russian city capital of Zabaykalsky Krai on the Trans-Siberian Railway
A young lady or maid South of the Border
Tex-Mex grilled meats in a tortilla
One of the largest producer and distributor of bananas in the world
Bread normally found in Greek restaurants
Mrs. Moreno, Ms. Ora, and Mrs. Hayworth
Italian Oscar winner film La ____ e Bella
Tokyo's most important international airport
Latin term used to refer to regions not mapped or documented; terra...
Mrs. Montiel or Mrs. Choudhury
Madonna's 1987 hit single, La Isla...
Kansas largest city
Mexican dish consisting of a small cake filled with meat, cheese, and other ingredients
Mexican dish consisting of simmered pork

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