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Can you name the words ending in Ina?

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The World's most populated country
American music icon, ____ Turner
The female sexual/reproductive organ
Strength, endurance, fortitude
City in Saline Country, Kansas
Third inner coat layer of the eye
Saskatchewan's capital city, Canada
Spiderman 2 British actor, Alfred...
Saudi Arabia's fourth largest city
George Strait's song about a California beach; _____ del Rey
Chevrolet's sedan, coupe, and minivan car model
Common term for the peccary
Law & Order late American actor, Dennis...
Legends of the Fall French-American actress, _____ Lombard
CSI: NY American actress, _____ Kanakaredes
The most famous bar in the galaxy; Mos Eisley...
A female ballet dancer
Mrs. Gershon, Mrs. Carano, or Mrs. Lollobrigida
Ancient wind musical instrument and one of Zelda's video games
Bram Stoker's Dracula, female protagonist; ____ Murray-Harker
American music icon, ____ Simone
Wheat middlings used to make pasta, cereals, and couscous
Tomb Rider American actress, _______ Jolie
Alicia Vikander's 2015 film, Ex-....
Southern states, North and South......
South American country covering a large portion of Patagonia
Mrs. McBride or Mrs. Navratilova
Russian cosmonaut and first woman in Space; _____ Tereshkova
Woody Allen's film, Vicky _______ Barcelona
Mrs. Aguilera, Mrs. Hendricks, Mrs. Applegate, or Mrs. Ricci
One of the Channel Islands; Santa _______ Island
Hurricane that brought New Orleans to its knees in 2005
African nation, ______ Faso
Kosovo's capital city
DC's Catwoman's alter ego, ______ Kyle
Mrs. Porizkova or Mrs. Rubio
Nestle's owned company specialized in pet food
Bosnia and....

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