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Can you name the words ending in ila?

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The Philippines capital city
Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish for Camille/Camilla
Italian sportswear manufacturing company, one of the world's largest
French exclamation for there it is or there you are
Mexican spirit made from the blue agave plant
American singer known for hit single, The Glamorous Life; ______ E
Couple who helped Paul in the New Testament; Priscilla and...
Sonoran desert reptile known as the ____ Monster
Diane Sawyer's first name
Ukrainian-American actress, ____ Kunis
The Wolverine Japanese actress, _____ Fukushima
Singapore born American model, actress, and tv personality; ____ Tequila
City in Castile and Leon, Spain; most famous for its walls
Portugal's third largest city; ____ Nova de Gaia
Capital city of the Abruzzo region, Italy
Marlins and Mets American baseball outfielder, Chris...
Vanuatu's capital city

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