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Can you name the words ending in Hen?

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A place at home where cooking normally takes place
Wh word indicating time
Hallelujah hit single, late Canadian artist Leonard...
City in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany
Sign used to join words and celebrities surnames
At that time; at the time in question
German word for cake
China's fourth largest city
Twin Peaks Chinese American actress, Joan...
Composite organism that arisen from algae (moss)
Mr. Hawking, Colbert, King, Amell, Baldwin, and Dorff
Pagan, infidel, idolater
To make or become harsh
Refresh, deodorize, cleanse
Actress _______ Mol or country music artist ______ Wilson
French-German dog breed also known as Little Lion Dog
Fortify, make stronger, build up
A female chicken
Twin Peask American actress, ________ Amick
City in North-Rhine Westphalia, Germany
Munich in tis native German
Auf ____________ (German for goodbye)

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