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Round solid figure; domain, realm
Just, only
Hard yellow cheese native to Switzerland
In, at, or to this place or position
Unit of electric current equal to a flow of one coulomb per second
American Revolution patriot, Paul.....
Finland's third largest city
Stick fast to (a surface or substance)
The worldwide sum of all ecosystems
Wh-word referring to location
Acute, serious, critical
Fine soft wool, originally that from the Kashmir goat
_______ Will Be Blood
American 80's hospital drama TV series, St. ___________
Impede, obstruct, hinder
Dwight Yoakam's I'm a thousand miles from....
Heartfelt, genuine
King Arthur's wife
Persist, continue, endure
In or to any place
____________ Over the Rainbow
Air, aerospace
In all places
One of the halves of the earth
First night, opening night of a theater show or movie
American tractor manufacturing company John....
2002 Mel Gibson's film, We _____ Soldiers
Hotel and casino in Vegas famous for its tall tower
Beauty and the Beast candelabra character
Popular brand of Polish vodka or famous palace in Vienna

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