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Can you name the words ending in Ena?

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Carnivorous animal native to Africa and carcass lover
City in Emilia Romagna, Italy; nicknamed 'the city of engines'
A level area surrounded by seats for spectators
Prayers repeated for 9 days by Roman Catholics and other Christians
Homeland Brazilian-American actress, ______ Baccarin
Plural for phenomenon
A writ ordering a person to attend a court
WWE wrestler turned actor, John...
For Your Eyes Only British singer, ______ Easton
Film distribution company associated with Disney; _____ Vista
The Hunger Games American actress, _____ Malone
Mrs. Olin, Miss Headey, or Miss. Dunham
American Pie actress, _____ Suvari
One of the founders of Hogwarts; _______ Ravenclaw
_____ the Warrior Princess
Los del Rio 1993 worldwide Spanish hit single
2000 internationally renown Italian film starred by Monica Bellucci
Chile's sea resort city in the Coquimbo region; La...
Italian city famous for its Palio horse race
Thelma & Louise American actress, ______ Davis
Greek goddess of wisdom, law, and justice
Cities in California and Texas (Los Angeles and Harris County)
Magdalene in many languages
Good for You hit single American singer, _____ Gomez
Beach cities in Spain, Colombia, and Chile
2013 British film starred by Judi Dench and Steve Coogan
Chad's capital city

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