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Michael Jackson's Billie ______
Spotless, pure, immaculate
Product from which soy sauce is made
Famous miners who survived 69 days underground
Slim, thin, slender
Billy, Pacific, Atlantic, or Indian
Underground, under the surface of the earth
Pirates of the __________
Rebel without a Cause's James _____
Of or relating to Korea
The C in C-section
Mr. Penn, Connery, Hannity, Pertwee, or Mrs. Young
The E in EU ( ___________ Union)
Lindsay Lohan's ______ Girls
Hedonist, sensualist, pleasure-seeker
Sea between Greece and Turkey
Sea between Europe, Africa, and the Middle East
Jelly ____, Pinto ____, or Rowan Atkinson's Mr. ____
Arduous, grueling, strong, muscular
Of or relating to the Andes
Of or relating to Zimbabwe
Of or relating to Shakespeare
Famous time machine in the Back to the Future films
Family of languages spoken by half of the world's population
Crab, lobster, shrimp, or barnacle group

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