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Can you name the words ending in eak?

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Rick James hit single Super _____ or _____ Show
Sliced meat
Ooze out, secrete, puncture, perforation
Rest, interruption, shatter, smash
Band, line, strip, stripe
Dawn, sunrise, first light
Summit, zenith, top, pinnacle
Famous sandwich from Philadelphia
Pull, jerk, tug, twist
Feeble, fragile
Desolate, stark, bare, cold, miserable
Sudden increase in occurrences of a disease
A bird's bill or rostrum
Cause a large amount of damage or harm
No Doubt's hit song, Don't ______
Breaking news
Move or go in a furtive or stealthy manner
Toni Braxton's hit single, ________ My Heart
A slice of beef meat

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