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Can you name the words ending in Die?

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American actress, _____ McDowell
2012 and Mission: Impossible 2 British actress, ______ Newton
Picardy in its native French
1963 musical film, Bye Bye...
An old song, film, or tv show still well known or popular
A publication or entertainment featuring nude performers/models
A person with a particular interest in food; gourmet
Something tasty or pleasant to eat
Perish, go the way of all flesh
An independent film
A person employed by a touring band
Alternative spelling for caddy
Panic Room American actress/director, _____ Foster
Mr. Murphy, Bauer, Vedder, Izzard, Van Halen, or the Head
Chandelier and Elastic Heart music videos star, ______ Ziegler
No one in Spanish
Dracula's British actress and Jude Law's ex wife; _____ Frost
Informal term for a young child
A jacket or sweatshirt with a a head and neck cover
American rock band famous for their hit single, 'Call Me'
The Sopranos' American actress, ____ Falco
Garfield comic strip Jon's canine companion
Queen's late frontman, ______ Mercury
Overboard American actress, ______ Hawn
Normandy in its native French

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