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Can you name the words ending in Dia?

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The world's seventh largest country in area
The main means of mass communication
Ancient and modern region of the Peloponnese, Greece
National Park in Maine or GMC's mid-size SUV
Sarah McLachlan's 1998 hit single
Most famous Romanian gymnast and Olympic Gold medallist, _____ Comaneci
American GUP manufacturing company; one of the four largest
Southeast Asian country with Phnom Penh as its capital city
Day in Spanish and Portuguese
Common sexually transmitted disease
Type of reference work or compendium holding a comprehensive summary of information
Most popular online reference work/compendium
More than one medium of expression or communication being used
Minas Gerais second largest city, Brazil
Term derived from the Cascade Range; the Pacific Northwest
Supermodel ______ Schiffer or Italian actress, ______ Cardinale
New York's international airport, La...

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