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Green cylindrical vegetable widely used in salads
Hard translucent fossilized resin
Dark, solemn, stern
Pre-Arab inhabitants of North Africa
Large baby food producing company
Synthetic product from petroleum byproducts
Harry Potter and the _______ of Secrets
Internal diameter or bore of a gun barrel
Subscriber, associate, affiliate
Cut the limbs of a person or animal
Hamper, hinder, obstruct
Talk rapidly and excitedly but with little sense
Rapid and excited speech that is difficult to understand
Nimble, fit, flexible
Recall information by memory
Be more numerous than
A heavy cavalry sword
Not drunk or under the influence of narcotics
Pitbull and Kesha's 2013 hit single
Brownish-gray color
Thick layer of fat
1997 Children's film starred by Robin Williams
Hit someone hard (informal)
Dumb and _______
Thread, strand, filament
Drool, dribble
Chatter (informal)
The ninth month of the year
1999 Jake Gyllenhaal, Laura Dern film, _______ Sky
2001 Keanu Reeves, Charlize Theron film, Sweet _________
Christmas' month
Sci-fi book turned into film starred by Saoirse Ronan, City of...
Public online transportation network company

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