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QUIZ: Can you name the words ending in Ave?

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Mr. Franco, Bautista, Chappelle, Coulier, Matthews, or Navarro
Feel a powerful desire for something
12 Years a ....
San Marino, Lesotho, and Vatican city are examples of an...
Cavern, grotto
Babble, jabber, acclaim, or eulogize
Keep safe or rescue
A portion of a country surrounded by another country
A long body of water curling into an arched form
Disney's movie with Merida as its protagonist princess
Depart, go away
Entwine, knit, intertwine
I _____ You Life
To cut one's facial hair with razorblades
Desert in southeastern California and southern Nevada
Possess, own, or hold
Perennial plant used to produce tequila
Act or conduct oneself in a specific way
Carve, inscribe
Incurvate, hollow, sunken
Corrupt, pervert, debauch
Forgive yesterday
French writer/novelist ________ Flaubert
Force someone into servitude unlawfully and against their will
Device used in the kitchen, used to warm/cook food up
____ Maria
Product used after one has razor bladed one's face
Charming, sophisticated (especially of a man)

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