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Film franchise, The _____ and the Furious
Disney's Beauty and the ______
Throw, toss, or the actors of a film as a whole
One of the cardinal points
Explosion, bang
Immense, massive, large
Opposite of most
One the simple tenses
A salute usually involving glasses and alcohol
An upright post or spar on a ship or boat
Microscopic fungus usually used in baked goods
Save the _____ Dance
Banquet, a large meal
Cook, bake, grill
Northern Ireland's capital city
The U.S. largest internet and cable provider company
Transmit by television
Mamma, mammary gland
Administrative division in Russia and the former U.S.S.R.
A person trained or skilled in gymnastics
Predict, foretell, a weather report
Compare and __________
Boxing most famous sporting goods brand
A news report
Transmit by radio or television
Assign an actor repeatedly the same type of role
Maine through Pennsylvania
A simultaneous transmission
___________ at Tiffany's
Loyal, faithful, committed
Thailand through Indonesia; __________ Asia

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