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Can you name the words ending in ase?

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Exhibit, display
Delete, wipe off
Swedish band Ace of ______
Clause component, expression
Stop, end, halt
A set of shelves for books
Say what someone else said using similar words/ideas
Set free, liberate
Vessel, urn, jar
Make fun of or attempt to provoke a person in a playful way
1978 John Travolta, Olivia Newton-John musical film
Lessen, reduce, drop, diminish
The Curious ______ of Benjamin Button
Structured set of data held in a computer
Stage, period, chapter
Grow, get bigger, enlarge, expand
______ Manhattan Bank now JPMorgan ______ Bank
When asking for something, what's the magic word?
Illness, infirmity, sickness
Used for carrying clothes and other personal possessions
Buy, acquire, obtain
A set of stairs and its surrounding walls or structure
Flat, rectangular container for carrying documents and papers
Absence of difficulty or effort
Rent, charter
Erotic dance or 1996 film starred by Demi Moore
Reword; say what was said before in different words

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