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Capital of the state of Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany
Hollywood's Golden Era American actor Humphrey...
Last name of famous people such as James, Rod, and Kristen
Intelligent, clever
Largest retailer in the United States
A trade center or market
Gas passed through the derriere area
The expression/application of human creative skill and imagination
Baked dish with a pastry base, a filling, and fruit on top
A type of vehicle with two or four wheels pulled by horses
The defensive wall of a castle or walled city
Not together, separated
A sheet of information in the form of a table, graph, or diagram
Small pointed missile usually thrown by hand
A piece or segment of something (object, activity, etc.)
Equivalent, parallel position
To leave
The organ responsible for love
Ride Along American actor/comedian Kevin...
To teach or pass knowledge
To make a car engine function without a key in the ignition
To begin or commence
To begin again or turn off/on a computer back to back
To defeat or get the better of someone by being clever or cunning
Unit of volume widely used in the United States equal to 4 cups
Loyal, reliable, and hardworking
Darling, dear, sweetie
To prevent someone from accomplishing something
A small, hard, benign growth on the skin, caused by a virus
Lisa and Maggie Simpson' brother
American chain of grocery/department stores similar to Target
The Simpsons' famous Apu's place of employment
Family/children American Movie about a talking mouse; _____ Little
Tasmania's capital and largest city, Australia
Small unsprung tubular racing vehicle with four wheels
To make a car/bike engine work with a downward thrust of a pedal
Wolfgang Amadeus...
Trojans famous quarterback, Matt.....
Elf actor/comedian Bob...
American model and actress Angie...
One of the largest pet stores chains in the U.S.

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