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U.S. state with Dover as its capital city
Naked, unclothed, or essential
Trap, catch, net
Contrast, juxtapose
Alternative spelling for Claire
Feel concern or interest; attach importance to something
Having knowledge or perception of a situation or fact
U.S.A. for Africa hit song, We ____ the World
Portion, part, quota, split, or divide
Blaze, flash, dazzle
Zimbabwe's capital city
Challenge, defy, provoke
Extra, additional, afford
Pottery, typically that of a specified type
Proclaim, announce, state
Uncommon, singular, one-of-a-kind
Ignorant, unknowing
Shine, beam, scowl, frown
Money a passenger on public transportation has to pay
American house products company; especially storage
Gaze, gape, ogle
City and eponymous county in California, north of Bakersfield
Short ceremonial tune or flourish played on brass instruments
Metric unit of square measure, equal to 100 ares
Make (something) ready for use or consideration
Military fighting, combat, or conflict
Well-being, health, comfort
Programs and other operating information used by a computer
Tools, machinery, and other durable equipment
U.S. national social insurance program
St. Elmo's Fire American actress ______ Winningham
Hamlet and Romeo & Juliet author, William...
Chicago's largest airport and third busiest in the nation
Domenico Modugno 1958 international hit song
The Philadelphia Experiment American actor, Michael...
City in Miranda, Venezuela, part of Caracas metro

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