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Can you name the words ending in And (no lands)?

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Task, job, chore
The House of ______ and Fog
KC and the Sunshine ______
Thread, filament, fiber
Increase in size, become larger
Cool ______ Luke
The _____ of the Free and the Home of the Brave
_______ by Me or X-Men: The Last _______
Most commonly used conjunction in English
Uninteresting, boring, dull
Pituitary ______
Harry Potter's weapon
Request, order, dictate; supply and ________
_____ McNally
The ______ Canyon National Park
Order, direct, instruct
Disperse, dissolve, separate
'I declare you _________ and wife'
A piece of fabric worn around the head
King __________ II of Aragon or _________ Magellan
Make, label, line, marque
I'm a _________ Miles from Nowhere; 1,000
A wide bandwidth data transmission
Information or experience from the original source
A kiosk or stall for the sale of newspapers
A bad or dangerous situation from which it is hard to escape
Uzbekistan's third largest city
A strip of cloth forming the waist of a garment
A small strap or bracelet
In advance
Goods that have been imported or exported illegally
Used, worn, handed-down; ___________ Lions
Fail to interpret something correctly
City in France, Clermont-________
Resist, survive, endure
A short and simple way of expressing or referring to something
American record producer, singer, songwriter, and rapper
Of or referring to Normandy
American actor, ________ Assante
Taken trilogy American actor, _______ Orser
Alien franchise extrasolar colonization corporation
The French Open, _______ Garros
A decorative wreath or actress, Judy ________

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