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Using words to communicate
A constructed pedestrian walkway along or overlooking beaches
To put one foot in front of the other to move, usually forward
Harass or persecute someone with unwanted and obsessive attention
Rat milk product famous in The Simpsons' universe
Soft, usually white stick used to write on blackboards
A constructed pedestrian walkway along the city streets
The area where pedestrians are lawfully allowed to cross a street
Dance move made famous by Michael Jackson
Physical activity done by an astronaut in space outside a spacecraft
A runway
Cross or walk in the street unlawfully without regard for traffic
Walk around and sometimes perform actions while asleep
Unwanted transfer or signals between communication channels
Actor who portrayed Columbo for 35 years, Peter...
The Waterboy American actress, Fairuza...
American doctor who developed the polio vaccine, Jonas...

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