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Rattle _______ or J.I. Joe's _______ Eyes
cook, roast
Hotline Bling hit single Canadian rapper
Not asleep
Sleve, wafer, shaving
DNCE hit single, ______ by the Ocean
Defenders of the Earth, __________ the Magician
Japanese alcoholic beverage as in for goodness ______!
Device that can kill a vampire; a ______ to the heart
Plastic, false, knock off
______ it like a Polaroid picture
Build, manufacture, produce, do
Tremor; violent earth movement
Do/build something again
Mr. Gyllenhaal, Busey, Johnson, or Owen
Mr. Shelton or Edwards or Miss Lively
Error, fault, inaccuracy
Body of water surrounded by land or Utah's Salt _____ City
Cote d'Ivoire second largest city
Hozier's 2014 hit single, _____ Me to Church
Small baked in a thin paper sweet bakery product
A person or thing that has the same name as another
Flap jack, crepe
Virginia's third largest city
Baked product made with candied fruit, nuts, and spices
Feathery ice crystal
Toys and TV cartoon show franchise Strawberry....
Device used for drawing together fallen leaves

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