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Film franchise starred by Wesley Snipes
Shelter, cover
Proudly ______ in the U.S.A
American TV show starred by Lorenzo Lamas
Occupy, conquer, capture
Mountain range including Mt. Rainier, Hood, and St. Helens
Mazzy Star's hit single, ______ Into You
Pretense, deception, pose
Coin-operated entertainment machine
Macy's Thanksgiving Day _______
Ornamental green gemstone
Barried, roadblock
Popular American brand of air freshenrs owned by J&J
front, frontage, face
Christina Aguilera, Mya, Pink, Lil'Kim hit single, Lady....
1963 Cary Grant and Audrey Hepburn thriller film
Elude, avoid, dodge
Campaign, fight, battle
Smooth Operator hit single British artist
Unit, contingent, battalion
Category, set, class, classification
Serbia's capital city
Taken 2 Croatian actor, _____ Serbedzija
SNL Alumni, David....
Honor, privilege, award
Drink made from lemon juice and sweetened water
Siege, block off, seal
Procession of people walking, on horseback, or riding in vehicles
A ten-year span
Seafront, boulevard, avenue
Miami-_____ County
Chicago Bulls player, Dwayne....
American manufacturer of sports-themed beverages
The Coca-Cola Company's answer to the previous answer
Explosive device, or Bruno Mars 2010 hit song
Scented ointment applied to the hair or scalp

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