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Can you name the words ending in ace?

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Supervillain Two-_____ or Billy Idol's Eyes Without a ...
Historical region of France with Strasbourg as its largest city
Taken film franchise American actress, Maggie...
The opposite of war
Star Wars Episode I - The Phantom _______
Non-governmental environmental organization
____ of Base or _____ Ventura Pet Detective
Location, site, spot
Full House American actress ________ Cameron-Bure
Arsenic and Old _____
Las Vegas' Caesars _______ Hotel and Casino
______: the last frontier or film, ______ Jam
_______ & Gromit
Prologue, foreword
A type of tear gas or a type of spice similar to nutmeg
James Bond's Quantum of _______
The Simpsons' address, 742 Evergreen ________
Guardians of the Galaxy American actor, Lee...
Dishonor, shame, discredit
The human _____ or The Great _____
1983 iconic film starred by Al Pacino
Deep Throat actress Linda _________
Solid remains of grapes or olives after pressing for juice/oil
Hug, hold, cuddle
An appliance fired by gas, oil, or wood
McDonald's playgrounds
Anthony LaPaglia TV show, Without a _______

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