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Can you name the words that contain three a's within and no other vowels?

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Tropical fruit used in sundaes
A type of beach dwelling common in the tropical Americas
Tropical fruit native to the tropics of the Americas
Native word for potato
Another native word for potato
Famous British crime novelist ________ Christie
'The Skin I Live In' Spanish actress Elena...
Ancient Biblical region
Famous dance from Para State, Brazil
Common spelling for Tabitha
Month of fasting in the Muslim religion
Butterfly in Italian
Mexican-American guitarist Carlos...
Name of Che Guevara's only female fighter ______ Bunke
American restaurant chain of Italian food
Andean mammal famous for its wool
A type of Japanese Sword
A type of tropical musical instrument filled with seeds
A type of flower found in North America and the Caribbean
Another common name for tapioca or manioc
Turkish-Asian pastry made with filo, nuts, and Honey
Young girl in Italian
Restaurant chain Chuck....
Gladiator's American actor Tomas...
An eye condition that can make one blind
A group of vehicles traveling together
Annual publication that includes all sorts of information
Common name for the red, black, eastern, or American larch
Language spoken in Barcelona
Canadian singer _________ Myles
Religious affiliation made notable by Madonna
Japanese brand of Motorcycles
Latin/Ballroom dance
Surname of Bond's Japanese allied in 'You Only Live Twice'
Film starred by Uma Thurman and Ethan Hawke
Royal house of Portugal
Plant and 'Our Gang' character's name
In Greek mythology, she could predict the Future
A young Jedi apprentice in the Star Wars Universe
Natural region of the Mato Grosso, Brazil; wetland
Madrid's main international airport
Name of such famous ladies as Walters, Bush, Stanwyck, and Eden
Spanish word for tomorrow or morning
Spanish word for Apple
San Francisco Bay former prison
Italian dish with several layers
Name of famous Argentine comic strip
American brand of appliances owned by Whirpool
Famous Spanish castle said to have inspired Disney's castle
A marquet in the Middle East
American actor ___________Getty
African cat also known as the desert lynx
Card game usually played at casinos
Name of a former International hotel chain __________ Renaissance
Recurrent greeting in Arabic meaning welcome
Famous London square
Thin slices of grilled beef; carne ________
Italian fashion house Dolce & __________
Arcade game involving killing insect-like enemies in space
Square piece of fabric used as an accessory
American motorsports competitor Travis _________
Fabric made of 80% cotton and 20% wool and tropical flower
Famous gate in Madrid, Puerta de _________
Dark Shadows' infamous vampire ______________ Collins
Man freed by Pontius Pilate instead of Jesus
Avatar's American actress Zoe ___________
Interjection used and misspelled by Bart Simpson
Type of makeup used on the eyelashes
Warsaw in its original Polish
SNL's comedian Sasheer __________
Famous 16th century fleet; the Spanish _________
Sin City's main character played by Jessica Alba, Nancy _________
One of the Knights of the Round Table
Name of famous ladies such as Plummer, Peet, and Bynes

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