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Can you name the words that contain three e's, i's, o's, or u's within and no other vowels?

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Real last name of actors Martin and Charlie Sheen
Minimalistic attire normally worn on the Beach
Aboriginal name for Ayers Rock in Australia
Russian type of incendiary weapon or bomb
Dragon infamous for the cocktail of bacteria found in its mouth
Help/SOS in Spanish
Japanese film voiced in English by Dakota and Elle Fanning
Chilena astronomical complex Cerro...
First name of X-Men's Storm
Last name of Ted's actor Giovanni...
A type of Japanese martial art
Common name for the crossed pit viper
Late 18th century artistic movement and style
Another word for tortilla chips
Famous German Shepherd dog rescued from WWI
British-Irish musical duo known for 'Sing It Back' hit single
Another word for frijoles
Venezuela's national dance
Santa's chuckle
Main language spoken in Angola
Famous Bostonian and patriot last name
Greek Goddess of the Moon and Underworld's main character
Surname of the infamous brothers convicted of killing their parents
Surname of American UFC fighter known as 'EL Nino' Gilbert...
Former name of Sulawesi Island
American oil company _________ Phillips
American brand of surfboards and active sportswear
Family of computer network technologies
Italian brand of sporting goods
Convenience store/gas stations chain Seven...
The Simpsons famous street ___________ Terrace
Popular boys name in Russia
Utah State's nickname
Names of such famous ladies as Getty and Parsons
The day after today
A term referring to a rural, remote, and unsophisticated place
Ancient city in Macedonia, Greece and Cape Town's township

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