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Can you name the words that contain the same letter at least three times A-Z?

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LetterWord Clue
AAndean mammal known for its wool
BA circular thin ball of air or gas inside/within something else
CA spherical bacteria
DTerm of endearment for a father
EBasic substance or a particular part of something
FCovered with soft material
GSpecial eyeglasses that fir close to the face
HLatin ballroom dance
IWithout ending or limits
JHahaha in Spanish
KMoney given for a secret and dishonest business deal
LA song used to help a child fall asleep
LetterWord Clue
MA body embalmed in the ancient Egyptian way
NA woman who is paid to care for a young child
OA simple bomb made with a bottle and a cloth
PA just born or very young dog
RA mistake
SHaving or showing a rude lack of respect
TA branding/marking of the body done with ink
UA type of thick cloud that is rounded on top and has a flat base
VA creature that produces eggs within the maternal body and hatch when released
WA social gathering of Native Americans that usually includes dancing
YThe Nearly straight-line configuration of three celestial bodies
ZNoisy and exciting activity meant to attract attention

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