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Can you name the movies Rose Byrne stars in?

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Sandra Bernhard1994
Heath Ledger/Brian Brown1999
Sinead Cusack/Sam Neill2000
Rikiya Kurokawa/Nicholas Hope2000
Ewan McGregor/Natalie Portman2002
Matt Dillon/James Caan2002
Romola Garai/Bill Nighy2003
Dennis Hopper/Melanie Griffith2003
Ben Lee/Miranda Richardson2003
Vince Colosimo/Stephen Curry2003
Brad Pitt/Eric Bana2004
Josh Hartnett/Diane Kruger2004
Dylan McDermott/Snoop Dogg2005
Kirsten Dunst/Jason Schartzman2006
Brittany Murphy/Toni Collette2006
Cillian Murphy/Chris Evans2007
Robert Carlyle/Jeremy Renner2007
Jay Baruchel/Graham Greene2007
Hugo Weaving/John Batchelor2008
Hugh Dancy/Peter Gallagher2009
Nicholas Cage2009
Brendan Cowell/Peter Dinklage2010
Russell Brand/Jonah Hill2010
Patrick Wilson/Barbara Hershey2010
Kristen Wiig/Maya Rudolph2011
James McAvoy/Jennifer Lawrence2011
Ryan Gosling/Bradley Cooper2012
Anna Faris/Simon Baker2013
Will Ferrell/Owen Wilson2013
Cate Blanchett/Miranda Otto2013
Patrick Wilson/Barbara Hershey2013
Seth Rogen/Zac Efron2014
Jason Bateman/Timothy Olyphant2014
Jamie Foxx/Cameron Diaz2014
Bobby Cannavale/Joel McHale2014
Melissa McCarrthy/Jason Statham2015

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