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Can you name the proper nouns within the U.S. states/territories names?

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ClueProper NounState/Territory
Short for Allan, Allen, Alex
Entourage's main character name
Midwestern State
City in Colombia
Heroes and Varsity Blues actress, Larter
Fame's actress, Peeples
Township in Illinois
Spanish girls name (Flower)
Progressive Insurance's spokeswoman
American actresses Petty, Singer, and Loughlin
Fashion model, Carangi
Scandinavian girls name
Asian subcontinent
Princess of Wales
Popular Spanish girls name; city in California Santa______
The Voice's singer, Frampton
Japanese actor ________ Watanabe
Barbie's significant other
The Simpson's black policeman
King of France, French shoe brand _____ Vuitton
Chandelier's Australian singer
The mother of Jesus' name
American actress _______ Pyle
German, Hebrew popular girls name
Actresses _______ Mendes, Longoria, Green
ClueProper NounState/Territory
U.K. Possession/Island
North American country
County in England formerly known as Southampton
City in England, UK
American actress __________ Burnett
Popular Scandinavian/Baltic girls name
Swedish actress Lena _________
Popular girls name with many variants throughout the world
Actress _________ Fanning
Ghostbuster's character name
American Education Institution
American brand of lighting products
American tennis player _________ King
English Quaker, New York's ________ Station
_______ Helsing, Morrison, Heusen, Damme
Now You See Me actress, ________ Fisher
Famous loch in Scotland
British writer _______ Woolf
Boys name, surname, and Pokemon's main character name
Famous Chinese dynasty
Name of one of the Penguins of Madagascar
Spanish/Portuguese girls name
Continent named after Amerigo Vespucci
Island nation in Oceania
American actor ________ Rockwell

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