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Can you name the nouns within the U.S. states/territories names?

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Zone in Spanish
Cardinal point
Cardinal point
Cardinal point
Piece of land surrounded by water
Noah's transportation device
Jamaican music style
Wing(s) in Spanish
Things made of a particular material
Flower in Spanish
What cops always ask for when pulling over
A native of the americas
Sickness or disease
Red, blue, etc.
Argument in opposition
Wound caused by something sharp
The largest pipe of a system of connected pipes
Sea in Spanish
Dirt, soil, territory, property
Religious Catholic ceremony
Colloquial for microphone
Young single lady
Mount in French
Meat widely eaten in Christmas
A county in England
Role in Spanish
Mineral extracted from the dirt/ground
Device containing ink and used for writing
A type of poem dedicated to a particular person/thing
______ Commandments
A person who has not had sexual relations
A type of colorless alcoholic beverage
A pile of clothes ready to or being cleansed
A unit of measurement (weight)
The region right below the knees
An unforgivable act
A form of the word Master formerly used in the South
Short for minute and minimum
Port in Spanish
A closed metal container
A hoop or earring in Spanish
Short for laboratory
Society rules to be followed
Short for organization
Day in Spanish
Short for linoleum
Smell in Spanish
A flattened plead or fold
A group of matching items
An alien
A type of hotel
Short for sister
A Small mouthful of liquid
Internet protocol
A drink made by mixing alcoholic beverages with lemon/lime juice
A yellowish brown color
An undergarment worn by women
Short for ampere
Someone who has been contracted for a job
A loose shirt
Island in Spanish
Leftovers of something consumed by fire/time
Master/owner in Spanish (slaves/pets)
A hollow flexible device similar to a bag
A person's sense of self-esteem or self-importance

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