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Can you name the most successful movies starting with T?

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Year/StarMovieBox Office in Millions
1997/Leonardo DiCaprio658.7
2010/Tom Hanks (voice)415.0
2009/Megan Fox402.1
2011/Shia LaBeouf352.4
2007/Shia LaBeouf319.2
2010/Taylor Lautner300.5
2009/Robert Pattinson296.6
2012/Peter Facinelli292.3
2011/Ashley Green281.3
1999/Tom Hanks (voice)245.9
2014/Mark Wahlberg245.4
1996/Bill Paxton241.7
2012/Mark Walhberg218.8
2013/Natalie Portman206.4
1991/Arnold Schwarzenegger204.8
2010/Mandy Moore (voice)200.8
2008/Kristen Stewart192.8
1995/Tim Allen (voice)191.8
2014/Megan Fox191.2
2011/Chris Hemsworth181.0
1986/Tom Crusie179.8
1982/Dustin Hoffman177.2
1998/Cameron Diaz176.5
Year/StarMovieBox Office in Millions
1974/Paul Newman176.0
2010/Garrett Hedlund172.1
2010/Jeff Bridges171.2
1999/Tony Goldwyn (voice)171.1
1987/Tom Selleck167.8
2003/Claire Danes150.4
2006/Will Ferrell148.2
1994/Arnold Schwarzenegger146.3
2009/Liam Neeson145.0
2012/Maggie Grace139.9
1990/Judith Hoag135.3
2004/Brad Pitt133.4
1998/Jim Carrey125.6
2009/Christian Bale125.3
1997/Pierce Brosnan125.3
2000/Michael Douglas124.1
1990/Arnold Schwarzenegger119.4
1988/Danny DeVito111.9
2008/Jack Black110.5
2015/Amy Schumer110.0
1996/Matthew McConaughey108.8
1983/Debra Winger108.4
2013/Seth Rogen101.5

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