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Can you name the most successful movies starting with S?

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Year/StarMovieBox Office in Millions
2015/Oscar Isaac858.5*
1999/Ewan McGregror474.5
1977/Mark Hamill461.0
2004/Mike Myers (voice)441.2
2002/Tobey Maguire403.7
2005/Natalie Portman380.3
2004/Kirsten Dunst373.6
2007/James Franco336.5
2007/Eddie Murphy (voice)322.7
2012/Daniel Craig304.4
2002/Hayden Christensen302.2
1999/Bruce Willis293.5
2001/Cameron Diaz (voice)_267.7
2009/Chris Pine257.7
2010/Antonio Banderas (voice)238.7
2013/Zachary Quinto228.8
2002/Mel Gibson228.0
1998/Tom Hanks216.5
2009/Robert Downey Jr.209.0
2006/Brandon Routh200.1
2015/Daniel Craig199.0*
2011/Jude Law186.8
1937/Adriana Caselotti (voice)184.9
2007/Dan Castellaneta (voice)183.1
Year/StarMovieBox Office in Millions
2015/Antonio Banderas 163.0
2015/O'Shea Jackson Jr.161.2
2004/Will Smith (voice)160.9
1965/Julie Andrews158.7
2000/Anna Faris157.0
1973/Paul Newman156.0
2012/Charlize Theron155.3
2015/Dwayne Johnson155.2
2002/Freddy Prince Jr.153.3
2008/Sarah Jessica Parker152.7
1994/Tim Allen144.8
2011/Hank Azaria (voice)142.6
2008/Dev Patel141.3
1999/Michael J. Fox (voice)140.0
1992/Whoopi Goldberg139.6
2002/Tim Allen139.2
1978/Christopher Reeve134.2
2012/Jennifer Lawrence132.1
1991/Anthony Hopkins130.7
2010/Leonardo DiCaprio128.0
2002/Reese Witherspoon127.2
2011/Elle Fanning127.0
1993/Meg Ryan126.7
1977/Burt Reynolds126.7
Year/StarMovieBox Office in Millions
2012/Ryan Reynolds126.4
2003/Jack Nicholson124.7
2007/Jonah Hill121.5
1994/Keanu Reeves121.2
2003/Tobey Maguire120.3
2002/Denzel Washington118.9
2010/Angelina Jiloe118.3
2003/Colin Farrell116.9
2001/Alexa Vega112.7
2003/Daryl Sabara111.8
2015/Melissa McCarthy110.8
2003/Anna Faris110.0
1986/William Shatner109.7
1981/Christopher Reeve108.2
1996/Neve Campbell103.0
1991/Julia Roberts101.6
1997/Courteney Cox101.4
1980/Gene Wilder101.3
1999/Johnny Depp101.1
2008/Will Ferrell100.5
1998/Gwyneth Paltrow100.3
1995/Brad Pitt100.1

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