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Can you name the most successful movies starting with R?

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Year/StarMovieBox Office in Millions
1983/Mark Hamill252.6
2001/Jackie Chan226.2
1981/Harrison Ford212.2
2007/Brad Garrett (voice)206.4
2011/James Franco176.8
1988/Dustin Hoffman172.8
1991/Kevin Costner165.5
1999/Julia Roberts152.3
1985/Sylvester Stallone150.4
2011/Anne Hathaway (voice)143.6
1998/Chris Tucker141.2
2007/Chris Tucker140.1
1996/Mel Gibson136.5
2014/Ice Cube134.2
Year/StarMovieBox Office in Millions
1996/Nicholas Cage134.1
2014/Jesse Eisenberg (voice)131.5
2002/Naomi Watts129.1
2005/Ewan McGregor (voice)128.2
1985/Sylvester Stallone127.9
1982/Sylvester Stallone124.1
1976/Sylvester Stallone117.2
2000/Denzel Washington115.7
1975/Susan Sarandon112.9
2010/Russell Crowe105.3
2002/Tom Hanks104.5
2012/Chris Pine (voice)103.4
1998/Elizabeth Daily (voice)100.5

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