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Year/StarMovieBox Office in Millions
2015/Sandra Bullock (voice)336.0
2013/Henry Cavill291.0
2003/Carrie-Ann Moss281.6
2004/Ben Stiller279.3
2013/John Goodman (voice)268.5
2001/Billy Crystal (voice)255.9
1997/Tommy Lee Jones250.7
2014/Angelina Jolie241.4
2002/Nia Vardalos241.4
2015/Matt Damon227.2*
1993/Robin Williams219.2
2012/David Schwimmer (voice)216.4
2000/Tom Cruise215.4
2011/Tom Cruise209.4
2001/Rachel Weisz202.0
2009/Reese Witherspoon (voice)198.3
2015/Tom Cruise195.0
2005/Ben Stiller (voice)193.6
2002/Will Smith190.4
2005/Brad Pitt186.3
1996/Tom Cruise181.0
2008/Chris Rock (voice)180.0
Year/StarMovieBox Office in Millions
2012/Josh Brolin179.0
1999/Keanu Reeves171.5
2000/Robert de Niro166.2
1999/Brendan Fraser155.4
2015/Charlize Theron153.6
2010/Will Ferrell (voice)148.4
2008/Meryl Streep144.1
2008/Jennifer Aniston143.2
2003/Lawrence Fishburne139.3
2006/Tom Cruise134.0
2002/Tom Cruise132.1
1997/Julia Roberts127.1
2002/Adam Sandler126.3
1998/Ming-Na (voice)120.6
1994/Jim Carrey119.9
2012/Channing Tatum113.7
2014/Ty Burrell (voice)111.5
2000/Sandra Bullock106.8
2008/Brendan Fraser102.5
2014/Dylan O'Brien102.4
1994/Mel Gibson101.6
2004/Hillary Swank100.5

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