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Can you name the most successful movies starting with G?

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Year/StarMovieBox Office in Millions
2014/Chris Pratt333.2
2013/Sandra Bullock274.1
1984/Bill Murray229.2
1990/Patrick Swayze217.6
2014/Aaron Taylor-Johnson200.7
1939/Clark Gable189.5
2000/Russell Crowe187.7
2014/Rosamund Pike167.8
2010/Adam Sandler162.0
1978/John Travolta160.0
2009/Channing Tatum150.2
1984/Zach Galligan148.2
2008/Clint Eastwood148.1
2013/Leonardo DiCaprio144.8
1997/Matt Damon138.4
1999/Tom Hanks136.8
1998/Matthew Broderick136.3
Year/StarMovieBox Office in Millions
1972/Marlon Brando133.7
2013/Adam Sandler133.7
2008/Steve Carrell130.3
1987/Robin Williams123.9
2013/Dwayne Johnson122.5
2009/Penelope Cruz (voice)119.4
Jack Bright (voice)117.8*
2011/Ryan Reynolds116.6
2007/Nicholas Cage115.8
1989/Dan Aykroyd112.5
2004/Sarah Michelle Gellar110.4
1995/Pierce Brosnan106.4
1997/Brendan Fraser105.3
1967/Dustin Hoffman104.6
1999/Madeleine Stowe102.7
2011/Rooney Mara102.5
2000/Nicholas Cage101.6

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